Congregation Beth Simcha

Messianic Synagogue of Lufkin, Texas

Loving God and Loving Each Other

Tim and his wife Darlene have been teaching and ministering in Messianic Judaism for three decades. They are ardent supports of Israel and the Jewish people and desire to see the hastening of the return of Messiah.

Tim is a student of Rabbi  Itzhak  Shapira, founder of Ahavat Ammi Ministries and Yeshivat Shuvu, the largest Messianic Yeshiva in the world.

You should lead holy and godly lives, as you wait for the Day of God and work to hasten its coming.

בית כפא    II Peter 3:12 

Tim Stewart

Elder, Founder, President of Board of Directors and Congregational Leader

Michael and his wife Kathy demonstrate what it means to serve in love. They have been in Messianic Judaism for over three decades, and served in the Beaumont and Houston areas. Their hard work and dedication are a great blessing to CBS and the body of Messiah.

Michael Petry

Shamash, member of Board of Directors

Troy and his wife Tracy have a long history in the Messianic Movement, and they both serve with humility and joy at Congregation Beth Simcha. 

Troy Pinkerton

Member, Board of Directors